Best jobs for stay-at-home mums

If you can discipline yourself to get your work done before you do anything else in the day, working from home really does have a load of advantages. For parents with small children, working from home can be the answer to the constant tug of war between making time and making money for your family. The best jobs for stay-at-home mums are those that you’re comfortable with so we’ll offer a selection.
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Stay away from scams

There are lots of work from home jobs that suggest you could earn masses of cash if you’re willing to inject a little of your own funds. These are often scams that will leave you out of pocket and without a job so be careful where you look for work.


Check out jobsite.co.uk and e4s.co.uk when you’re looking for work you can do from home. Anyone who’s interested in earning a little extra can get cash from completing surveys online but if you’re not the type of person the survey is looking for, you won’t earn much money. Opinion Outpost is the sort of site you should look at if this type of work appeals.

User testing

Another job you can do easily enough from home is user testing. Sites like UserTesting.com offer the sort of flexible work that’s ideal for parents. At £6 per test, their rate’s not too bad and the fact that they pay through PayPal means you’ll get your money in a convenient and regular manner.


This one’s offers a genuine opportunity to earn decent money from a recognised firm. Work can be full time or part time and you can work at the weekends when your partner’s around to look after the kids. You just need to be over 18 to take advantage of this opportunity. If you’re interested, head to avon.uk.com.

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