Best free resources for entrepreneurs

Starting up a business is one of the hardest things to do. It calls for commitment, faith, passion, dedication, long days and loads of patients. Money is needed of course, but expertise is one of the most important things you’ll need – knowledge really is power as they say. The best free resources for entrepreneurs starting up on the web include the following.

Free resources

Thankfully the web’s full of free information and loads of resources. You can often get advice without paying for it but be careful to vet where the advice comes from. Does the writer really understand what he or she is talking about? If not, you don’t follow their advice or you might find yourself spending time you simply don’t have.

Tracking success

You’ll need to make sure that your website’s on the right tracks. Thankfully you can do this for free with Google Analytics. This tool shows how many people have accessed your site and where in the world they’ve come from. You can also see when they leave so you can tweak your site to keep them engaged.

Social media

It should go without saying that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn should be maximised if your business is to have any presence on the web. You might need help maximising the site’s SEO so either get training on this or hire someone with the necessary experience. A great site that’s shown on a later Google page is one that will never get significant traffic. Working out how to get your site noticed is the most important way of generating customers for your website.

Other resources your site can’t be without

The following aren’t free but you’ll need them. Your website will need a way to communicate with your customers so why not check out Intercom? These guys offer automated email triggers, help and chat widgets for your site plus loads more. Head to intercom.io for more. You should also check out getdrip.com if you’re interested in adding sign up widgets to your site.

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