Best energy companies to work for in the UK

Large energy companies provide great opportunities for keen workers to get along and get ahead. They normally offer defined career paths that start with focussed training course that lead to qualified positions. Prestigious graduate schemes are also offered by the major energy firms, and you could find yourself with the opportunity to work abroad. So who are the best energy companies to work for in the UK?
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Big six

In the UK we have six big energy suppliers who dominate the marketplace. British Gas is probably the best known firm. They currently have 20 million domestic and business customers. SSE is the second biggest firm in the UK as they currently supply energy to 9.6 million users. Npower is the third biggest firm but they’re not far off the remainder as they only have 6.5 million users nationwide. EDF Energy, E.ON and Scottish Power all have around 5 million customers so none of the big six are small firms by any stretch of the imagination.


The best company to work for depends on your point of view. A firm who treat you badly but pay you well will attract some workers, while others aren’t as interested in the money if there are other perks so we’ve had to look at surveys to give you an idea of what the market’s saying. In a lot of cases E.ON come out as the best place to work according to existing staff. Satisfied workers say that the firm has confidence in its workforce and they like to nurture talent.

Smaller energy firms

If you don’t fancy stepping foot in one of the big six branches, why not consider work with a smaller company? Firms like Ecotricity, Utility Warehouse, Ebico and Ovo Energy are nowhere near as well known but this is a sector in which the drive to find new renewable sources of energy can mean that any one of these smaller firms could break into the big six in the future.

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