Best cv covering letter templates

When it comes to making a strong case for your suitability for a job vacancy, there is no point focussing all your energies on the interview. Unless your application impresses, you won’t even be called up to face an interview board. The first step towards that foot in the door is to research the best CV covering letter templates.

Sifting through suitable CV templates

The good news about considering the best CV covering letter templates is the fact that you have many to choose from. If you go online, you will come across a variety of templates which can be specifically tailored to whataver job you are applying for.

Monster.co.uk is a good example of a site catering for jobseekers, not just in terms of providing a portal to vacancies, but also offering many templates. The government offer jobs advice and templates in their National Careers Service site. Other excellent websites to consider include CV Library, Total Jobs and CV Tips.

With CV covering letters, the important thing to keep in mind is that you must achieve a balance between conveying as much relevant information about yourself in a relatively limited space. Ideally, you should make enough of an impact that whoever is reading it will be inspired to move on to the CV itself. There is no point in cramming absolutely every last piece of relevant information into the covering letter. You will see from the sites containing the CV covering letter templates that the key aspects are keeping your wording precise, conveying enthusiasm for the job position you are applying for.

The key word is relevancy. When you are completing any covering letter template, always bear in mind the actual job you are applying for. It is even a good idea to have several templates stored on your computer, each focusing on specific skillsets you might possess.

What to avoid in your CV template

Just as choosing the best cv covering letter templates will stand you in good stead for being called to interview, the worst letters will see your application consigned to the shredder. Never be sloppy in your wording, so ensure your work is spell-checked and grammar checked. Make sure you summarize your major achievements, and always try to tailor content to the post you are applying for.

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