Best chemical companies to work for

There are so many different ways to rank firms against each other including their size, their turnover and their geographical reach but finding out who the best chemical companies to work for are takes a bit more investigative work.

Top chemical companies

Let’s start with the top firms in terms of their turnover to give you a set of target firms to aim at. The first one is a bit of a household name (well as far as chemical companies go). BASF, who are based in Ludwigshafen, Germany are the top firm in terms of sales. Chinese firm Sinopec are second, and American multinational firm Dow Chemical are the third highest firm in terms of world sales. In fact, the location of these firms along with Japanese firms like Mitsubishi Chemical suggest that you need to move to the USA, China, Japan or Germany to work for one of the top firms at their headquarters.

Best firms to work for

Worryingly, only Dow Chemicals ranked among the top 15 employers in a recent Forbes survey carried out in the United States. Does that suggest that chemical firms don’t make great employers or that works for these firms don’t often get involved with surveys?


BASF is undoubtedly the top employer in the sector. They are the biggest firm and they will continue to be the biggest firm for the foreseeable future. As an example of their size, consider that their US arm is big enough to be the 14th largest firm in the sector if they were to break away from the main business. That’s not likely though as the German firm plan to continue growing. BASF have been operating in the UK since 1880. They currently have 16 locations across the nation that employ 1500 workers in places like Bradford and Manchester, as well as more remote locations like Isle of Lewis in Scotland and Deeside in North Wales.

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