Best careers for creative minds

You don’t have to be an artist to be a creative person, and if you are creatively minded, you might find that a career that doesn’t flex your creativity is a long and arduous one. There are lots of jobs out there that that can be made into one of the best careers for creative minds but you will find serious competition for these roles.
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Game designer

You’ll need technical skills to accompany your creative flair for this role. This is a job that will see you create games for many different platforms, and it’s one that offers lots of scope for improvement too. You could be a Level Designer, which is a position which calls on you to work with established tools to create new levels for games. This position could lead to a bigger role as a Systems Designer, which is a position in which you’ll be writing the code that governs gameplay. Lead Designers cover things like the game’s plot while they manage the other members of the team, plus there are lots of other roles like Art Director, Software Engineer, and Release Manager which will flex your creative muscle.

Fashion Designer

This is another role that calls for creative people. You’ll need an eye for aesthetically pleasing design and colour. You’ll also be expected to be a perfectionist obsessed with detail, balance and proportions. Fashion Designers need great communication skills and patients as there’s a lot of stress due to time restrictions. An ability to sketch remains an important skill despite all the advances in computer-aided design.


You might not think of this a creative job because it seems so technical but these guys are responsible for the overall look of a building as well as how it functions. Safety, economy and functionality are things that architect strive for when they design a structure but they’re also aiming to make it an attractive thing to view.

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