The best three business ideas of 2012

As the world economy slowly recovers from the economic crunch, so do the odds of starting a successful business. A more stable economy brings better opportunities for business growth and making profits. If you are thinking of starting a new business, this is a good time to do it. The best three business ideas of 2012 present viable options you can take and establish a thriving business.

2012 best business startup ideas

Based on research and anecdotal evidence, we predict the following three best business ideas of 2012 will give the highest growth opportunities in 2012 and beyond. The ideas represent the most promising startup fields you can establish a thriving business.

1. Mobile apps

Mobile applications were big in 2012. According to an AT&T survey, more than a third of small businesses reported they could not survive—or at least it would be a challenge to survive—without mobile applications. If you are a programmer, developer or designer, the mobile apps industry presents a fresh and exciting territory to start a new business venture that corresponds with your skill sets.

Start a business that develops mobile apps and other software products to address constantly changing consumer needs. For example, you can start a company that makes, develops or design software applications for the ever-expanding mobile phone market and location-aware programs that enhance GPS product functionalities. With the advent of Android phones, iPhone and iPad, we anticipate an explosion of millionaire entrepreneurs in the mobile app industry in the near future.

2. Tech product solutions

Still running with the technology theme, the explosion of tech-products in the market presents another lucrative opportunity to start a service oriented business. Almost everyone in society now owns a favourite tech product, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can start a tech business where you provide solutions to technical problems that affect these tech products. For example, start a computer maintenance business that offers services like antivirus installations, disc cleanups, printer hookups and software downloads.


Consulting was also one of the best business ideas of 2012. From social media consulting to web consulting and dental consulting, the consulting industry was booming and is expected to continue its steady growth in the foreseeable future. Demand for expert advice and guidance on different things that affect people directly is on the increase in a fast changing world characterised by an information technology.

If you have solid knowledge and background experience in a particular subject or career field like finance, social media or business, you can put your reservoir of knowledge to work for you as an independent consultant. Set up a consulting business in your area of specialty and offer people truly valuable advice and guidance to solve their problems and they will gladly meet your consulting fees.

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