Best Accountancy Firms to Work for in the UK

There are two routes graduates can take to becoming an accountant. The first is to find an accountancy role straight after graduation - usually by applying to graduate only positions - and the second is to find another position in the finance industry and work your way up. Because accountacy roles are highly competitive, many choose to work anywhere in the industry and gain a wealth of experience. To help you along, we've listed the best accountancy firms to work for in the UK by fee income, practice, success and revenue.

Price Water House Coopers

Price Water House Coopers has 856 partners in the UK, the largest of all UK firms, with a revenue of £2,248 million in 2010. This is one of the best accountancy firms to work for in the UK for graduate jobs because, not only do they have their own seperate website for position, but they also hold over 320 potential job vacancies for graduates in all specialisms. You can view their careers site at .pwc.co.uk/careers/.


Racing behind Pricewater with £1,969 million in 2010, Deloitte also have their own online portal for job opportunities with their 681 UK partners. Usually, there are on average 500 posts available at Deloitte each year. You can visit their dedicated job portal at Deloitte.com/view/en_GB/uk/careers/.


KPMG is a well-known name in the UK, with 570 UK partners and a fee income of £1,630 million in 2011. They also have their own dedicated career section on their site, with particular attention given to accountancy graduate vacancies, apprenticeships as well as experienced professionals in the UK. You can visit their site at Kpmgcareers.co.uk.

Ernest and Young

Another well-known UK firm, with over 500 partners and an impressive online presence. Usually, Ernest and Young look to fil on average 600 vacancies per year - from graduate to professional. Like our other top accountancy firms, they also have their own dedicated job portal at EY.com/UK/en/Careers.

Where else can I find accountancy/finance positions?

As a young graduate, you can use your University's resources, career days, career advisors and contacts to find the best accountancy firms to work for in the UK and firms that suit your particular talents. For a professional position, consider using contacts from your previous employment, or seeking accountancy-specific career days or advisors to help push your career up the ladder.

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