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Are you thinking of spending a summer working abroad? Benidorm is a great place to live and work in for a summer. Glorious weather all summer round and sandy yellow beaches make this the perfect destination for a break. Finding Benidorm 2011 jobs is easiest if you start applying in March or April each year to ensure you get your application in before the coastal resort is packed with tourists.

Most jobs in Benidorm are found in the tourist industry and are seasonal, part time positions. One of the most popular and fun places to work in Benidorm is for a bar or club. Positions that you can choose from include:

  • Bar staff and waiting staff are the ideal jobs to get. You are guaranteed a basic wage each week and an enjoyable experience. As well as your basic wage, you will receive some nice tips.
  • PR work - For this job you will need to be very outgoing and love talking to new people. The pay isn't great but if you are good at your job, you can earn high commission.
  • Jelly girls - Girls can make big money by simply floating around the bars selling shots to younger holiday makers. This can be a great way to have fun and earn some good money. You can earn between €60 and €100 a night on commission.

The best way to apply to these positions is to arrive in Benidorm early in the summer and call into the local bars and ask about summer work. Alternatively you could check out costablanceuncovered.com for the latest vacancies

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