Looking for Belfast bar work?

Are you interested in Belfast bar work? Here we run through some top tips to help you find work...

It's not a bad idea to start your search on the internet, although there are better ways to find bar work. However, it should only take a few minutes to see if there are any good opportunities online. Nijobs.com and Nijobfinder.co.uk are the two major sites on the Northern Irish jobs market. Also take a look at Gumtree, a good source of information on casual and part time bar jobs. The Botanic Inns and Wine Inns websites may also be a useful resource - between them they own almost 30 of Belfast's busiest bars.

You'll usually get better results if you go door to door looking for vacancies. Dress neatly and bring a stack of CVs. To cover more ground, it's better to concentrate your search on areas where the best vacancies are. These include...

  • Botanic and the lower Lisburn and Malone Roads. These are areas that are popular with students and go through a high turnover of staff. Some of the bigger bars are The Bot, The Eg and Shine.
  • The city centre has a number of bars and clubs. Thompsons Garage hires regularly but opens almost all night. There are also bars in the restaurants in Victoria Square that have more reasonable opening hours.
  • The Odyssey Arena houses a number of popular bars and clubs that regularly recruit both part time and full time bar staff. The Box and the Beach Club are two of the biggest.

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