Give Belfast call centre vacancies another look

If you want a job and you want a job fast, Belfast call centre vacancies could be the way to go. There is a high turnover is the industry, meaning that vacancies are almost always available. A quick look on NiJobs.com or the Belfast Telegraph's Jobfinder often throws up multiple opportunities. If not, head to the company's website (Gem, Teletech, HTL...) to see what they are offering.

Ok, so call centres may not be your first choice when it comes to a career. But they have a number of benefits - and here are just some of them...

  • As we've already touched upon, there are usually jobs available and they are often for immediate starts - great if you want to start work in a hurry.
  • Most call centre jobs don't require you to have any previous experience. This means that almost anyone can get a start, regardless of your past experiences or qualifications.
  • Pay usually sits around the £6.35 mark - certainly not extravagant but still a good bit above minimum wage.
  • The majority of Belfast call centres operate on core business hours of 8am to 8pm. Most people work on shift patterns of rotating early and lates. Unlike other entry level jobs, like hospitality, you probably won't end up working into the early hours of the morning!
  • There is excellent potential for promotion if you work hard, meet your targets and show loyalty to the company.
  • Call centres usually offer a number of incentives, like bonuses and vouchers for meeting your targets.

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