Get back in the game: Belfast Job Centre at Gloucester House can help

The Belfast job centre is based at Gloucester House, but you can perform many services online from the convenience of your home, such as searching jobs in an online database comprised of all vacancies from all job centres. Other enquiries still need to be handled directly through the job centre -- by phone, email or visiting the location.

Contacting the Job Centre - The Belfast job centre at Gloucester House can be reached by phone during regular (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) weekday business hours. The main telephone line for the job centre is 028 9025 2366 and the fax number is 028 9025 2341. Email the job centre at northbelfast.jc@deini.gov.uk if you have questions about a specific job.

The Belfast job centre is located at Gloucester House, 57 Chichester Street, Belfast BT1 4RA. The job centre website provides step by step directions to find the location.

Services Offered - Jobseekers can sign up for one of the job centre's many employment programs. Apprenticeships are available for individuals at all stages of their career -- so that young workers can gain experience in a career path, and older workers can consider a change in career.

Young people looking for work can take advantage of the job centre's resources for individuals aged between 16-18. Called "Training for Success", the initiative provides education for young people on how to effectively utilize available tools and resources to find work.

"Steps to Work" is another fairly new program offered by the Belfast job centre -- at the Gloucester House location -- to all unemployment benefit recipients. Individuals can customize the plan by participating in a specially-selected offering of classes. Each individual's plan can be personally chosen by the job-seeker himself, to correspond with his individual needs and career aspirations.

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