Opportunities for beauty therapists in London

Beauty therapy jobs in London are easy to find, mainly because of the fact that the need to look and feel good has risen dramatically in the 21st century. This need applies both to men and women. Also, there have been major advances in beauty treatments and products which have fuelled the growth in the beauty therapy industry.

London has a population of just under eight million people and every year millions of tourists come to visit this historic city. Lots of tourists like to have beauty treatments when on holidays. Many of the top class London hotels such as the Ritz, the Dorchester and the Savoy have spas where all beauty treatments are offered. Indeed.co.uk and jobis job.co.uk are two websites advertising many vacancies for beauty therapy jobs in London.

Top department stores like Harrods employ beauty therapists at their make-up counters. Customers are offered full make-up services before purchasing cosmetics.

Many people in London work long hours with the result that beauty salons have late night openings during the week. The longer opening hours mean that more beauty therapists are required to work in these salons often on a shift basis.

Opportunities to become sales representatives for cosmetics, nail products such as the new Shellac and other products used by the beauty industry are open to beauty therapists in London. This job involves calling into different salons, explaining how the product works in great detail and demonstrating its use.


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