Applying for beauty therapy jobs in Kent

The beauty industry is one of the few areas that has not been dramatically hit by the current recession. This means that there are still good employment opportunities in this sector throughout the UK. For example, there are many beauty therapy jobs available in Kent, including salon-based and mobile roles.

The vast majority of beauty therapy jobs in Kent are available to qualified applicants only. As a basic qualification therapists are expected to have an NVQ level 3 certificate, although additional qualifications may be required. In fact many job advertisements in this area are seeking candidates who specialise in particular treatments, such as Dermalogica or Massage.

Therefore it is recommended that beauty therapists in training or qualified therapists who are pursuing further education should try to specialise as much as possible. Dedicated courses are available in a range of treatments, which should ultimately lead to a higher pay rate and improved job opportunities. Those who are interested in training to become beauty therapists can choose between a variety of courses throughout the UK. Full-time, part-time and evening courses are available, which can provide basic training and should lead to qualifications. When choosing a beauty therapy course try to find one at a City and Guilds Centre (CGC), as courses of this kind will provide you with an internationally recognised qualification.

The available beauty therapy jobs in Kent include both full-time and part-time positions. The part-time roles generally involve weekend work, as Saturday in particular is a very busy day for beauty salons. The standard pay rate for salon-based beauty therapists is about £8 per hour. Many jobs in the beauty industry in Kent are advertised through the New Appointments Group, at newappointmentsgroup.co.uk.

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