Beauty Therapists are always in demand in America

Beauty therapy jobs in America are in demand. Although the visa process can prove challenging, well-qualified beauty therapists can find a variety of work opportunities in the USA.

Qualifications Needed - Most beauty therapy jobs in America will require you to demonstrate your qualifications for the position. Comite International d'Esthetiques et de Cosmetologie (known as a CIDESCO certification) is an internationally known qualification that is recognized in more than 65 countries and is frequently required for beauty therapy jobs in America.

Places to Work - There are beauty therapy jobs available across America, so you can select the location that appeals most to you. As of spring 2011, the Professional Beauty Association's Salon/Spa Performance Index indicates that the American beauty market is in a period of expansion, with growth for the fifth consecutive quarter. Beauty therapists can find work in salons, at hotel spas, or by starting your own business. Licensure requirements vary by state.

Visa Options - Similar to a UK work permit, US work visas require applicants to have an offer of employment. The H1-B visa process is complicated and requires the employer to sponsor an employee in addition to certifying the need for a foreign worker. Alternative options can include obtaining a student visa which can also provide limited work eligibility related to employment, or through the family sponsored immigration process. Residents of eligible countries could also apply for the green card lottery.

Cruise Ship Beauty Therapy Jobs Based in America - Cruise ship companies based in the US frequently hire beauty therapists to work on board. The jobs may be temporary during peak travel season, or can be on a permanent basis. The salary range for cruise ship beauty therapy jobs in America is typically $2500-$4200 (£1500-£2500) per month, depending on gratuities.

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