Beauty Therapist Jobs in Spain

It has often been said that women make up one of the largest spending groups in any economy, particularly during a recession. While other businesses founder and struggle, women's clothing companies and beauty services generally survive and often thrive. Therefore there are a large amount of jobs in the beauty industry, both at home and abroad. In particular there are a number of beauty therapist jobs available in Spain, especially in vacation hotspots such as the Costa del Sol.

Both the native Spanish and visiting tourists take their beauty therapy very seriously. Indeed most people look forward to a luxurious and relaxing spa or beauty treatment as a vital part of their vacation. Therefore the majority of hotels and tourist resorts offer a full beauty therapy package to their customers, which of course creates a considerable amount of beauty therapist jobs in Spain.

Not only Spanish hotels and resorts require beauty therapists however. There is a large number of beauty salons operating throughout Spain, and more are opening all the time. These businesses can count on the native Spanish for custom, along with quite a few ex-pats from Britain, Ireland, and other European countries.

While some trainee positions are available in beauty salons in Spain, generally experience and qualifications are required. The exact skills which are needed can vary from position to position, depending on the particular vacancy in question and on the services offered by the employer. For example, candidates may be required to have training in such treatments as Laser Hair Removal, skincare, waxing, massage etc. Generally candidates for beauty therapist jobs in Spain will also be required to hold qualifications from recognised beauty schools. Further information and job listings can be found at http://www.resortwork.co.uk .



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