Are you wondering what sort of beauty jobs are in Plymouth at the moment?

When looking for the latest beauty jobs in Plymouth, there are endless options to the type of job you might pick up. Providing you have a certificate to at least NCFE Level 3, you could find your first job in any of the following areas. As well as this, you might find it useful to pick up the CIDESCO certificate along your way as it will give you a distinct advantage over somebody who hasn't got it.

One of the most popular positions is that of a beauty therapist. They provide all services such as massages and spa therapies and beauty treatments to their clients. This could be from home, in an independent store, department centre or a hotel.

A makeup specialist is another popular job and again can be done from home or at a store or hotel. There are many types of makeup including bridal, fashion, evening, editorial and movie and theatre makeup.

The best way to find these jobs is to ask your friends or drop a few CVs around to the local beauty parlours. You will find dozens of them in and around the town centre. Some of the bigger salons around Plymouth are:

  • Chica Bella - 26 Seaton Lane, Plymouth
  • Beyond Beauty - 48 Notte Street, Plymouth
  • Havannas Specialist Clinic - 158 Armada Way, Plymouth
  • Reflections - 43A North Hill, Plymouth

It's worth keeping an eye on The Plymouth News newspaper as they regularly have vacancies advertised for various jobs in the industry. Have a look at their website at thisisplymouth.co.uk as you will find a list of vacancies there also.

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