Where to find the best beauty jobs in Newport

Beauty jobs in Newport may best be found online. When choosing a job, do not pay attention to the salary alone. Take note as well of the specification and description of the job. It is better to choose something a little lower paying if it is a job you know you will love and can grow with.

Types of Beauty Jobs

The first thing you should understand about beauty jobs is that you can specialise in enhancing the appearance just about any part of the body. You do not always require a degree for this job, but having relevant or on-the-job training is necessary. This is one job where your clients are sure to cry foul – loud – if you end up botching their looks.

Jobs in the beauty industry need not always have to do with cosmetology and aesthetics, though. You can also work on the administrative side of things, allowing you to work in an industry you love even though you do not have the right skills.


Ads here are widely varied. There is an ad seeking, for instance, a mobile beauty therapist with NVQ2 or preferably NVQ3 qualification for performing teeth whitening treatments. This pays an hourly rate of £12 to £15 plus commission and fuel allowance if your work takes you past the 20-mile mark.


This is a job search site that exclusively offers only beauty jobs in Newport and other types of job vacancies in Newport alone. There are fewer selections, but all of them are generally from the best known companies. Take, for instance, their ad for a wellness coach, which may earn you as much as £30k. No qualifications are required except for having to undergo training.

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