We look at what you need to know to find beauty jobs in Cape Town

With the beauty industry in the United Kingdom currently suffering from a huge lack of job opportunities due to the economic downturn coupled with the large number of graduates from beauty therapy courses every year, many qualified beauty therapists are now turning their attention overseas.

While it's always a wrench to leave your family, for many people it represents the only means of finding reliable, regular work throughout the year. Not only will you get to experience a whole new culture by upping sticks and moving abroad, but you'll also get to see parts of the world you never would have made it to otherwise.

Of course, with such a big move comes an awful lot of stress, so we've compiled this guide to help make your move as easy as possible. If you've decided on South Africa as your destination, then you'll no doubt be wondering about the availability of beauty jobs in Cape Town.

Well, you'll be glad to know that the beauty therapy industry is actually quite healthy over there. You can expect to make a basic salary of between R4500 to R14000 per month (approximately £411.00 to £1,280.00), which represents quite a good wage given the fact that the minimum wage is just R1200 per month.

For most jobs, you'll be expected to have somewhere between 1 and 4 years worth of prior experience and a qualification or diploma in beauty therapy. Having a passion for the work is absolutely essential too.

Before you make the move it's worth checking out some of the major South African job sites in order to see the kind of job opportunities available. We recommend careerjet.co.za for beauty therapy positions.

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