We take a look at beauty jobs in Blackpool

With the economic situation in the United Kingdom finally looking like it has stabilised at long last, many companies are now starting to begin the hiring process once again. This means that the tens of thousands of newly unemployed people across the country can finally dust off their CVs and get back into the work force. However it's not as simple as that for many people working within the beauty industry.

With relatively few jobs available and a huge number of qualified beauty therapists (with more entering the work force every summer as dozens of beauty therapy courses end with thousands of new graduates leaving), the beauty industry is notoriously tough to break into.

Whatever your chosen speciality, be that facial treatments, nail work, massage therapy or alternative treatments, the lack of positions relative to the number of people searching for work spells bad news for beauty therapists searching for beauty jobs in Blackpool.

However there are some things you can do in order to give yourself a much better chance of finding work. When it comes to situations like these, sometimes the old fashioned approach is the best one. Call into some of the local beauty salons (for example Ambiance Day Spa, Salon 53 or Ethos Beauty) and introduce yourself to the management. Explain your situation and discuss your previous experience if applicable, and declare your interest in any current or upcoming vacancies that are suitable.

As a beauty therapist you can expect to make between £13,000 and £18,000 per year in beauty jobs in Blackpool, depending on speciality and level of experience, with many companies also offering commission should there be a sales aspect to the job. You can check out the current vacancies in Blackpool and beyond at indeed.co.uk.

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