Beauty Jobs in Anglia: Types of Job and Qualifications Needed

The average salary for beauty jobs in Anglia is approximately £5.80 per hour, according to the latest pay data. Beauty therapy positions typically require qualifications such as the NVQ Level Two or Level Three -- both of which can be learned at schools within the East Anglia region.

Types of Beauty Jobs Available in Anglia

As of the time of writing, there are numerous types of beauty jobs available in Anglia. Some examples include:

Salon Beauty Therapist, working exclusively with a particular brand of product, providing facials and cosmetics. The salary for this full time position is £12,000.

Hotel Spa Therapist, providing treatments such as massage, facials, manicures, pedicures and make-up to hotel guests. This position compensates £13,000 per year.

Retail Manager for a supplier of health and beauty products. This job requires detailed knowledge of the products, and ability to merchandise and promote the goods. This job pays £20,000 plus a bonus per year.


National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) at Level Two or Level Three are typical requirements for beauty jobs in Anglia. Schools in the East Anglia area offer training to prospective beauty therapists.

The Brentwood Academy of Health and Beauty, based in East Anglia, provides a Diploma in Beauty Specialist Techniques (Level 2 NVQ) for a cost of approximately £2,500. The course teaches students various techniques in manicure and pedicure, wax depilation, make-up, tanning and facials in addition to basic principles of anatomy, physiology, customer service and ethics.

The Level 3 NVQ Advanced Diploma is a standard requirement for beauty therapists wishing to work in a health club or spa. East Anglia schools such as the Brentwood Academy offer this course for approximately £2,800.


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