We look for beauty based jobs opportunities in Hampshire

If, like hundreds of new graduates from beauty courses around the United Kingdom every year, you are struggling to find beauty based jobs in Hampsire then you'll definitely appreciate our help in giving you the low down on exactly where your best chances of finding work will come.

The beauty industry is a highly competitive one right now, especially given the fact that the United Kingdom's economy is still struggling in the aftermath of the global recession, but you can't give up hope. There are still jobs out there, it's just that you'll need to really put in the effort in order to find them.

With so many new graduates hitting the work force every year, finding beauty based jobs in Hampshire can be a tricky thing do to. It can be difficult to pinpoint the best places to find a job opportunity given the fact that positions never remain vacant for too long.

Our best recommendation to you would be to make yourself, and your qualifications, known to the managers of any beauty salons in your immediate area first of all. Call in for a chat and and hand in your CV so that you might be considered if anything arises.

There are plenty of different kinds of work available in the beauty industry, from massage therapy to cosmetics expert, so no matter what your speciality is you should be able to find something eventually.

Once you do get your foot in the door, you can expect to be able to make around £23,000 per year initially on a full time basis, or somewhere in the region of £13,000 to £16,000 part time. In many cases part time work will be your only option, so we recommend you don't discount anything just because it doesn't suit your ideal plans.

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