Barclays rumbled for moving work to India

People have been finding it hard to stay loyal to Barclays after they stopped giving advice face to face to their customers. They decided this just over a week ago along with the axing of 1,000 or so jobs. As you can imagine they have been under fire since but have decided to slash another 285 jobs! What's worse is they packing up and shipping off to India in the search for a cheaper alternative, something a little less heavy on the purse strings.

It seems that people dedication to working with companies such as Barclays really does see no reward. They said it would be mostly back-office workers that will take the fall, phew, luckily only the back-office workers have to weather the blow right?

Times are definitely very tough and it is understandable that companies have to take drastic measures to stay afloat. The problem is their first call of action is to fire everyone. They never look at cutting in other areas, say maybe the massive wages the higher up receive?

It seems that every time anything goes wrong within a large company like Barclays they have staff that they feel are expendable regardless of how long or how hard they may have worked for them.

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