Tips for bar staff in Stoke on Trent

If you're new to the bar game, you might find it a little difficult to find jobs as bar staff in Stoke on Trent. That's not becuase there's a lack of opportunity (although there has been a decline over the past three years), but rather a lack of understanding of the best way to find a bar job. Here are some of the best tips and methods to help you get set up with a bar job...

  • Hotels with bars and major chains will often advertise vacancies on their website. Look out for a 'Work for us' link on their site - you may even be able to apply online.
  • Smaller and independent establishments rarely advertise vacancies online or in the traditional media. That's because bar work is often part time or casual in nature - meaning that there's little point in splashing out the large fees required to advertise a job vacancy. Instead, the employer will often use the good old fashioned 'Staff Wanted' sign - take a walk around the city and look for these signs.
  • If you know someone who works in a bar, ask them to keep an eye out for vacancies or potential vacancies. They'll know when someone is leaving, giving you advance notice of an upcoming vacancy and time to prepare and plan your application.
  • For most bars in Stoke on Trent, the best way to find a job is simply to call in with your CV and ask to speak to the manager. Make a good impression and you'll be the first person they call when a vacancy arises.


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