Looking for jobs for bar staff in Glasgow?

With the bar industry in the United Kingdom still relatively healthy despite suggestions that a combination of the recession and the smoking ban would wreak havoc with it, it now represents an excellent opportunity for finding work for many people.

If you have always wanted to be a member of bar staff in Glasgow, but we unsure as to what kind of qualifications you need, and the kind of work that the job actually involved, then this guide should be able to make things a lot clearer for you.

Before you decide to jump into a bar job, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the work involved. While many people think that there's little more to it than pulling pints and chatting to the regulars, the truth of the matter is that any barman working in a busy pub on a Friday or Saturday night will tell you that it can be an exceptionally tough job.

You'll obviously have the responsibility of serving drinks to your patrons, but you'll also need to ensure that all health and safety regulations and national laws are adhered to at all times. Even though many pubs have bouncers on the door these days, you'll still need to be vigilant to ensure you don't serve drunk people or people who may be under-age, in accordance with the law.

On top of this you'll need to worry about keeping the bar fully stocked, dealing with potentially rowdy customers and carrying out cash and credit card transactions - all while the bar is jam packed full of people looking to be served.

There are a huge number of bars in Glasgow, so listing them all would be impossible, instead we've compiled the following list of some of the most popular, so you might want to check them out if you're interested in work;

  • Bunker Bar, 193 Bath Street
  • Bar Soba, 11 Mitchell Lane
  • All Bar One, 56-72 St. Vincent Street
  • The Corinthian Club, 191 Ingram Street
  • Moskito, 198-200 Bath Street


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