Intrested in bar jobs in Watford?

Bar work has always been something that many people have fallen back on over the years, whether it was a job they worked in order to pay their way through college or a second job at night time in order to supplement their weekly wage from their main job. However the past couple of decades has seen a huge paradigm shift when it comes to the way bar way is seen by many people.

Rather than simply viewing bar work as a supplementary or part time position, there has been an ever increasing number of people who have chosen it as their main career path in the last twenty to thirty years. With the appeal of the pub never waning, regardless of the socio-economic circumstances of the United Kingdom at any particular time, experienced bar staff are always in demand, making it a potentially solid career choice for many.

However, like most other industries these days, the fact that it is a desirable industry to work in certainly doesn't making finding work any easier. With the numbers on the unemployment line growing with every passing month, competition for work on all fronts is more heated than ever.

In order to successfully find yourself bar jobs in Watford it's likely that you're going to need at least some prior experience. Obviously, nobody is going to give you a job as a bar man in a busy pub unless you know how to pull a pint, work under pressure and deal with the financial aspect of things, so a bare minimum of three years worth of experience is essential for work behind a bar. The average wage for these positions ranges from between £6.00 and £6.50 for typical old fashioned pubs, such as The One Crown (156 High Street), to £8.00 and £9.50 for trendy night spots like Oceana (127 The Parade)

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