Looking for the hottest bar jobs in Solihull?

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Working in a bar is a brilliant way to earn money whilst having fun at work. It is a very enjoyable and rewarding job that anybody can do. You usually don't need too much experience to work behind a bar but any experience in retail will help you secure a job. You can find the latest bar jobs in Solihull in a number of places.

Keep an eye on local newspapers for job advertisements for bartenders. The Solihull Observer regularly has bartender vacancies in it. Some websites are worth visiting as well. Check out jobisjob.co.uk and fish4jobs.co.uk.

Bars and clubs can be very busy places so you will need to be an energetic individual, especially in some of the busier clubs. General bar duties include:

  • Serving customers alcoholic drinks
  • Keeping shelves stocked
  • Keeping bar area clean
  • Ensure that tables are regularly cleaned
  • Making sure all your customers are happy
  • Keeping an eye out for anti-social behaviour

There are dozens of pubs in the town centre of Solihull and loads more in the surrounding areas. Bar Censsa is a very popular bar and they regularly need an extra pair of hands. The Opal Lounge is an exclusive cocktail bar and nightclub that opens until the early hours of the morning. You could expect to earn between £5.50 and £6.50 per hour working in a bar in Solihull. Some late night clubs pay up to £7.25 per hour. Now you're ready to find a job so take a walk through town and start applying to bar jobs in Solihull today.

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