No shortage of bar jobs in Galway city

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You can find vacant bar jobs in Galway city in a huge number of establishments. Hotels, clubs, pubs and bars in the area are constantly on the lookout for new staff, and the great news is you don't need qualifications or experience to get a start in the industry.

Recruitment websites are an excellent place to begin looking for bar jobs in Galway city. Sites, such as Irish Pubs, Careerjet and Jobs, have hundreds of vacancies in the industry advertised.

The most important thing to do when you're using a recruitment website to find bar jobs is upload an up to date CV on to the website. This will give you the freedom to apply for any position that catches your eye, while also allowing you to be headhunted by employers who trying to fill vacancies.

You can also apply for email alerts of vacancies that become available, and this is a great way of staying at the head of the queue of job seekers.

One of the biggest attractions to bar jobs and the hospitality industry is the flexible working hours it affords to staff members. Part time positions are widely available in the industry and work hours can be easily arranged around other commitments such as college and family.

The one thing to be careful about with bar jobs in Galway city is staff are often expected to work late into the night. This is part and parcel of the bar industry and something to bear in mind before applying for a position.


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