Looking for bar jobs in Galway, Ireland? Here's a few tips to help you out

As a lively tourist destination, Galway is full of bars, pubs, clubs and other assorted booze-eries. From the trendy nightclubs of Central Park and Karma to the live-music pubs of the Rosin Dubh and Monroes to the specialist Bierhaust and the traditional Irish pub Tigh Neachtains, there's a whole host of establishments dedicated to serving the finest tipple to a thirsty public. Which of course means that there are plenty of bar jobs in Galway, Ireland. Every one of these establishments needs staff, whether it be bar tenders, glass collectors, entertainers, promoters or security staff. Here's some things that you need to know before you start hitting the pavement with your CVs.

1) Experience counts

There are always bar jobs in Galway. Ireland has no shortage of people available to fill them though, and employers know this. If you've got less than two years experience in a bar you can forget about even touching one of the taps behind the bars. Look instead for other work around the bar scenes such as glass collecting or doing promotional work.

2) Know where to look

Galway bars don't generally advertise, so the best thing to do is look in the right areas. Shop Street in the town centre and Dominick St have the highest concentration of bars, so start your search there first. If you must search online try the national jobseekers board (fas.org) or the local papers website (advertiser.ie/galway).

3) Spring is a dead season

In Summer, Galway is packed with tourists, all looking to have a taste of Ireland's famous black stuff. In Autumn, the students of Galway's universities arrive back, and bars start to look for people to promote them. In winter, there's the Christmas rush, and all the bars need extra hands on deck. In spring... not so much. Be prepared for a serious drop off in the number of vacancies.

Hopefully this advice will serve you well in your job hunt! Good Luck!

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