We examine some of the requirements for bar jobs in Cork

While the Irish economy might be disappearing gradually into the abyss, there's one thing that will never be taken from the Irish people, and that's their love of the craic at the pub. As one of the most sociable nations on the planet, the Irish will still find a way to mingle with their friends at the pub no matter how bad the economy may get.

This is certainly good news for anyone looking for bar jobs in Cork, since it means that there are plenty of potential opportunities to be found out there. However, since employers can no longer afford to take financial risks, you'll need to be aware that you're going to be required to have at least two years of previous experience if you intend on working as a bartender in Cork.

As a bartender in Cork you can expect to earn between €9.65 and €11.00 per hour for your work, which will also be supplemented by tips from satisfied customers throughout your shift. You'll need to be able to think fast, have a good head for numbers, be trustworthy and organised and, above all, have a friendly and outgoing personality and be ready to engage in all matter of verbal shenannigans with your customers.

Due to the fact that there are so many bars in every town in Ireland, trying to list all the bars in Cork for you to enquire within for jobs would take forever, so we have decided to list just some of the most popular ones in the area;

  • Clancy's, 15 Princes Street
  • Club Classic, 1-3 South Main Street
  • Mutton Lane Mural, 3 Mutton Lane
  • The Bailey, 1-2 Courthouse Street
  • Costigans, 11 Washington Street West

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