If bar jobs in Bournemouth sound like your thing, read on

Despite predictions some years ago that the bar trade in the United Kingdom was on its last legs, things have actually panned out alright for the industry. Of course, takings are down quite a bit on previous years, but that is to be expected with the financial situation in the United Kingdom meaning that many people are unable to afford the same kind of social life that they had grown accustomed to during the boom years.

This all means that those of you looking for bar jobs in Bournemouth you are going to be required to show at least two years of previous experience if you want to work as a bartender. This kind of work pays between £7.35 and £8.90 per hour depending on the kind of bar, however you'll be able to add to this with tips from customers.

In order to be a successful bartender, you're going to need to be quick on your feet, have a good head for numbers, be friendly and outgoing with the customers and have the ability to work very well under intense pressure when the bar is full to capacity.

If you lack the necessary experience for a bartending position, but would still like to work in a bar you could take a look at a server or glass collector position. Both roles pay minimum wage of £5.93 per hour, but they can prove to be an excellent stepping stone for those of you who would ultimately like to find yourselves in bartending roles at a later date.

We recommend calling into the following bars in order to check for vacancies, so that you can speed up your search for bar jobs in Bournemouth;

  • 1812 Bar, Exeter Road
  • West Beach, Pier Approach
  • The Brasshouse, 8-9 Westover Road
  • Bar:[ME], Hanover House, 134-136 Old Christchurch Road

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