Take up bar jobs abroad in 2011 and work your way around the world

Bar jobs abroad in 2011 are much sought after especially by young people looking for an adventure in a foreign country. Every year, thousands of ambitious bar workers head off to foreign countries with the hope of finding their ideal job.

There are many websites which advertise bar jobs abroad. Many of these bar jobs are in some of the world's best tourist destinations. Bar Vacancy is one of the most popular websites for finding pint pulling jobs. They have listings of job vacancies including general bar tenders, cocktail mixologists and bar managers.

Seasonworkers.com have listings of the major summer season employers and the jobs on offer in some of the top resorts. They provide a job search and job by email service to match candidates skills and requirements.

The Overseas Job Centre is a good directory for finding bar work abroad.They offer vacancies to cater for a short career break or long term employment with the possibility of advancement.

Barzone is one of the leading providers of recruitment solutions to the hotel and hospitality sector. It is dedicated to finding individuals bar work abroad and offers jobs throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

A bar career, just like any other in the hospitality sector requires good people skills. If you are seriously considering bar work abroad you should know your drinks and how to mix them. If you've not had bar training, get some degree of experience in bar jobs at home before you set off on your journey.


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