Want a job at one of the top banks in London?

Got your heart set on working at one of the top banks in London? We're here to tell you anything is possible and, if you use these excellent job hunt resources, you could be surprised how successful you are.

City Jobs UK (cityjobs.com) - The best place to start your job hunt for job vacancies at top banks in London is at City Jobs UK. Here, you'll find jobs at investment banks, commercial banks, in retail banking, insurance banking, emerging markets banking and more.

Jobs listed here include everything from regulatory compliance consultants to bank managers, bank tellers and IT specialists to lawyers, solicitors and legal assistants. Search via keyword and location, or specialism, then create an account and upload your CV.

Barclays Bank (group.barclays.com/Careers) - If you prefer to start your job search right at the doorstep of one of the top London banks, you can't go wrong with Barclays.

Barclays Bank has a whole section of their website devoted to jobs and careers, and you can apply online too. Job sections are split up into School Leaver, Graduate or Intern, Experienced and MBA. Choose the section that applies to you, and apply for a role now.

Deutsche Bank (db.com/index_e.htm) - One of London's largest investment banks, Deutsche Bank recruits from their website for jobs at their London branches, as well as all over the world.

Start your job search via 'Career Status' online, and choose the appropriate category - School Leaver, Students and Graduates, MBA or Professional status. Then choose the country you prefer to work in and complete your job application from there.


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