Banking jobs in Leeds - The gateway to a new career

Leeds is one of the major cities in the UK, and as such is home to branches of each of the nation's largest banks. It also hosts branches and offices from some prominent Irish and international banks. Therefore there are a number of banking jobs in Leeds, in bank branches and financial offices.

Banking jobs of any kind are gateways to a successful career. While accountancy and finance graduates may find employment in investment banking and fund accounting, those without similar qualifications can find work in local and city bank branches. While many banking jobs are offered to those with degrees in commerce, accounting etc., those with qualifications in mathematics, science and engineering can also find employment in this field.

Salaries in banking jobs in Leeds can vary considerably. Top end financial jobs can of course yield extremely high salaries, while others begin at the minimum wage level. However one constant across much of the banking and financial industry is the potential for promotion and wage increases. Most banking and financial companies hold regular reviews which allow them to re-evaluate each employee on a case by case basis. Therefore promotions, bonuses and pay raises are a real possibility in the majority of these jobs.

If you are looking for banking jobs in Leeds, there is a dedicated jobs site for the area which is extremely useful. Located at myleedsjobs.co.uk, this website features a number of jobs for Leeds and the surrounding area. It also allows jobseekers to upload their CVs and create a personalised portfolio of job listings.

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