Banking sales job vacancies - The 3 things to expect

Are banking sales job vacancies for you? Not unlike other sales jobs, here are the 3 things that you can expect:

  1. Frequent travelling
  2. Sales presentations
  3. Client meetings

Whatever the sales process, your goal is synonymous with your sales quota. That is the result that you should keep your eye on, in order to keep your job.

Travelling frequently

Your own transportation

Your own transportation is probably a requirement for this job. Some managers upwards, may be provided with a company car as one of the job benefits. In either case, petrol in terms of mileage is claimable and this rate should be high enough to cover your car maintenance.

Travelling out of state

You will be travelling just about everyday, usually to your clients' offices. Sometimes, you need to travel out of state. Where an overnight stay in a hotel is necessary, this is claimable.

Sales presentations

Sales presentations will be very much part and parcel of this job. Present your financial products well and you may be on your way to open another account for your bank. Do the opposite and you will have trouble fulfilling your sales quota, and get a warning letter as a consequence.

Client meetings

If you loathe meeting clients, you can't be in a sales job. As a bank sales person, you should view this on social and business terms. Business wise, you need to clarify your client's doubts before he agrees to sign up. Social wise, you need to be on good terms with your client before you can hope to secure a new contract for your bank.

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