Banking, financial services and insurance jobs

Despite the recession, there are still plenty of jobs in the banking, financial services and insurance sectors. All of these areas offer some very varied roles for people with different experience or qualifications.

Take banking for example - there is everything from branch cashiers, who are often given on the job training and do not necessarily need specific qualifications, to bankers in the city who can be responsible for moving around millions of pounds on the stock market.

Many people who work in banking, financial services or insurance jobs often take such jobs because they know they have the right attributes to make a successful career out of it. These include a good eye for detail, an accurate and meticulous mind and being willing to work long hours where necessary. The rewards for people in these jobs can be huge; banks often offer bonuses for staff if they are making good profits.

People who begin a career in banking as a cashier can often work their way up the ladder if they are ambitious – they could become a branch manager within a few years if they are determined enough. A number of the big banks in the UK also offer in-house training programmes.

Working for an insurance company also offers a variety of roles. From people who visit incidents and claimants to check there has been no fraudulent activity to the people who work in the call centres giving quotations, there is a plethora of different jobs in the industry.


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