Getting banking and finance jobs using recruitment agencies

Job seekers who are looking for banking and finance jobs have two options available to them. They can either look for a job by contacting the bank or finance company directly or they can approach a financial recruitment company.

The first thing that job seekers should do is go to the website of the bank or finance company they are interested in working for. Most banks have a section on their website labelled "work for us" or "employment". In this section the job seeker should be able to find the contact details of the human resources department at the bank. Generally banks will also list their current vacancies on this page. A few banks and finance companies that job seekers should look into are HSBC, Barclays and Norton Finance.

In order to maximise their chances of getting a job with a bank or finance company job seekers should register with a few different job agencies. Some companies that job seekers can contact are Randstad, Michael Page and Hays. If the job seeker has a suitable resume and performs well in an interview with the agency a credit check will be performed. It is important that job seekers are aware that they must have a spotless credit check if they wish to work in financial services. Most banks and finance companies will also require applicants to pass an abstract reasoning, computer, personality and typing test. Those who get through this stage of extensive testing will be called in for an interview with the employer. This may be a group or individual interview depending on how the individual employer likes to conduct interviews.


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