Universities that offer bachelor of education courses

Getting a bachelor in education is one of the routes you may follow if you want to get a job as a school teacher. In the UK, it generally takes three years to complete such a bachelor and you can choose to study for it either full-time or part-time. Here are some of the universities that offer bachelor of education programs for undergraduates.

The Institute of Education at University of London (ioe.ac.uk) offers a BA in Education Studies (Honours), a part-time course that will introduce you to the foundations of education, the process of learning, the future of education and the education system in the UK. This program is intended for those people who intend to work in education but cannot commit to a full-time programme. Assessment consists of a mix of coursework, portfolio, examinations and dissertation. For more information about entry requirements and funding options, visit the website of the university.

For those based in Scotland, the University of Strathclyde offers a Bachelor in Education course with a four year structure. Some of the modules you will study here include educational studies, placement learning, teaching and learning principles, elective study, professional development planning and others. The course will develop your critical and communication skills, which are necessary for a career in teaching.

After graduating, you can choose to continue studying for a postgraduate degree at the same university or somewhere else. For more information about fees, bursaries and entry requirements, you should visit the website of the university, strath.ac.uk.

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