Keep yourself and others happy with babysitting and nannies jobs in Edinburgh

Both a babysitter and a nanny are employed to take care of children. Parents always need an extra pair of hands and babysitting and nannies jobs in Edinburgh are available.

Although babysitters and nannies share a key function their roles are different in scope and context. Babysitters are independent contractors providing temporary childcare for a predefined period of time.

Many nannies offer families a guaranteed commitment of at least one year. Some nannies work with the same family for many years. Nannies participate in many child-rearing activities, including the social, emotional and cognitive developement of the children in their care.

You need no formal qualifications to become a babysitter, but a certificate in childcare and first aid, along with good references will help with employment. A nanny must have verifiable childcare qualifications.

To find babysitting work a jobseeker can start by looking at notice boards in Edinburgh. Supermarkets, community halls, cafes and word of mouth are just some of the ways parents advertise for babysitters.

Newspapers such as the Edinburgh Evening News and The Scotsman advertise situations vacant in the childcare industry. These adds cater for anyone from young aspiring babysitters to highly qualified nannies.

Jobsites offering babysitting and nannies jobs in Edinburgh include ebabysitters.co.uk, nannyjob.co.uk and childcare.co.uk. These sites operate a job search and job by email service to match candidates skills and requirements.

There are also recruitment agencies specialising in babysitting and nannies jobs in Edinburgh. The Tinies Scotland childcare agency advertise childcare positions on both a temporary and permanent basis throughout Scotland. They supply babysitters and nannies to suit clients requirements.

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