Looking for a Babysitting job in Cork?

Nannies are employed by families or organizations to take care of a family's homestead or children. Arrangements can be made on a live-in or part-time basis. Live-in babysitting jobs are typically full-time employees who take care of numerous tasks for the family. Nannies are qualified child care professionals who have experience caring for children.

A nanny is responsible for feeding, clothing, educating, washing and entertaining children. Babysitters provide an enjoyable and safe living atmosphere. They provide activities to aid the child learn and develop. Some nannies may be required to do typical house chores, however, this is not always the case.

Work Hours - A nanny will work five days a week. Typically, nannies can average 50 to 60 hours. Sometimes, weekends may be involved. The working week directive by the government limits the working hours for nannies to 48 hours per week. A nanny living in Cork will be expected to work not less than 10 hours per day and will be paid extra for evening's babysitting per week. A live-in nanny has babysitting nights included in her wages. A live-in nanny is paid about E225 per week, which can go up to E290. Depending on the experience a nanny has, they can earn up to E400 per week.

Babysitters - A babysitter is responsible for looking after children. This is typically done in the afternoon or evenings when the parents want a night out. Babysitters are typically seen as part-time sitters and that they don't do much. However, babysitters must possess skills such as attention to detail, caring for children, patience and the ability to follow directions. Babysitters are given care giver privileges to a family's child.

Qualifications. - A nanny looking for placement should generally hold a graduate degree or diploma in CACHE, also called a Diploma in Childcare and Education. Other diploma programs include the National Diploma in Childhood Studies from BTEC and Diploma in Nursery Nursing (DNN). The CACHE diploma was initially known as the DNN or NNEB. It is recognized on a wide scale for childcare qualifications. Training for early year practitioners used the CACHE diploma module for over 50 years. The course covers health, nutrition, educational play and safety for children up to the age of seven.

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