Choosing an Automatic Driving School

Having a driver’s license is essential for increasing your chances on the job market. Whether you’re looking for a job as a driver or one located far from your home, you should get your driving license. Many people choose to drive automatic cars these days, as they are easier to control than manual ones. Here are some tips about choosing an automatic driving school.

Besides the ads in local newspapers and word of mouth, you can look online for a driving school that offers driving lessons on automatic cars. A good place to start is a driving school directory. One of the most popular ones is automaticdrivingschools.com. On this website you just need to enter the name of your town and will get a list of automatic driving schools in your area. After getting your results, you can use the enquiry booking service to get in touch with an instructor.

For those who are interested in a crash driving course on an automatic car, 1stdriver.org can be of great help. Located in London, this driving school offers courses for all levels of driving ability. The price for a 2 day automatic course is £185. Other types of lessons available at this school include standard lessons, international lessons and refresher lessons.

No Gears (nogearsdrivingschool.co.uk) offers automatic driving school is Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Norfolk and Buckinghamshire. You can use the map on the site to find your nearest driving school. This school offers a variety of intensive courses with prices starting from £220 for ten lessons.

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