Australian working holiday visa: are you eligible?

Obtaining an Australian working holiday visa for your Australian adventure is a tempting prospect. Before going any further it’s important to confirm your eligibility, so here’s a checklist...


To qualify for a working holiday visa, the basic requirement is that you are a passport holder of specified nationalities (including the UK and Ireland). This document must have at least one year until its expiry date.

Age limits

You must be aged between 18 and 30 (inclusive).

What if I have children?

If you have dependent children they will not be able to accompany you to Australia while you hold your visa.

How much money should I have saved?

You must have sufficient funds for your visit, including the cost of the return air ticket. This is often interpreted as $2,000 plus a return ticket or sufficient money to buy one.

What about medical requirements?

You will need to be assessed if you have spent time in ‘high risk’ countries (more than 3 months within the last 5 years). If you intend to study or work as a doctor, dentist or nurse, you will require to pass a medical test. Similarly, if you are likely to work or train in a childcare centre.

Additionally, the visa processing officer will have discretionary powers to add further health tests.

Will a criminal conviction be held against me?

A criminal record of more than 12 months imprisonment will bar you. It will be expected that you are of good character and will not present a significant risk of engaging in criminal conduct during your Australian visit.


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