Lets check out the Australia work visa requirements for UK citizens

The stunning natural beauty of Australia as well as the warm climate and friendly natives make it the dream choice of an ever-increasing number of British citizens looking to emigrate for a better life or increased career prospects.

Australia work visa requirements for UK citizens are easy to figure out, as there are a different number of visas available to UK citizens depending on their circumstances. In this blog we'll be looking at the different visas you can apply for to live and work in Australia.

Skilled Migrant Visa - Australia has a number of professions (around 90) in which it badly needs additional workers. If you fit into one of these categories you could be eligible to apply for this visa.

Working Holiday Visa - This is where a lot of people looking to settle in Australia start off. The one year working holiday visa gives you a taster of life in Australia before you decide if you'd like to settle there permanently. You have to be aged 30 or under for this particular visa.

Family Visa - If you have family in Australia then you are eligible to apply for the sponsored family visa. Your family member can sponsor you to stay on in Australia, it's as simple as that!

Partner Visa - If your partner is an Australian citizen, then you will be eligible to apply for a visa to stay on in Oz with them. The government will need some proof that the two of you are in a relationship though, so bear this in mind when applying!

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