An Australia visa is your passport to a new life.

The Australian High Commission located at Australia House London issues an Australia visa but the application procedure can be complicated. The Australian High Commission does not provide advice to individual visa applicants. It refers applicants to certified migration agents who will answer all the applicant's questions and ensure that the visa is processed in a timely fashion.

All work done by the migration agent has to come within the guidelines of a code of conduct called the the Australian Immigration Advisers Authority code of conduct. A fee of about 190 Euro is charged by the migration agent.

On the first of July 2011 there is a change in the points system for a Skilled Migration Visa due to come into effect. This change in the points system could disqualify thousands of skilled workers,  who would have previously qualified, from being granted a visa. A Skilled Migrant Australia Visa can take anywhere from one to three months to process so the advice is to get your application in early.

It is also necessary to apply for an Australian visa if going on holidays. The Australian ETA Tourist Visa entitles you to visit for tourism or leisure for up to three months. The six month Australian Holiday Visa enables you to holiday in Australia for up to six months.

The Australian Working Holiday  Visa (1st year) allows young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to have an extended holiday supplemented by casual employment for up to 12 months.

Any type of  Australia visa can be applied for online.

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