Australia visa application: are you eligible for a 457 visa?

Before you begin the Australia visa application process, it's a good idea to research your options. Although the 457 visa is the commonest employer program for skilled overseas workers, there are strict criteria governing issue. To assist you in determining eligibility here’s a summary of the crucial aspects...


To be eligible for a 457 visa you must accept a formal offer of employment. You can then apply for the visa and work in your nominated occupation – for whichever employer has sponsored you.

Eligible occupations

For a position to fall within the sponsorship remit of a 457 visa, the occupation must appear on the Australian government’s list of occupations. This covers a wide range of employment activities, from accounting to forestry, medical services to information technology.

Non-eligible occupations

Certain professions (such as migration agents) are only open to permanent residents.

Market salary scales

It is worth noting that legislation about regional employers altered recently, in terms of concessions. As of September 2009 sponsors are obliged to ensure equivalent terms and conditions for their overseas workers.

Skilled occupations

Your eligibility for a 457 visa will determine on the type of work you can undertake, and your skill level. A central role is played by the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) system that constitutes what a skilled occupation entails.

457 visa restrictions

Once you have proved eligibility and been through the sponsorship process, you are forbidden from engaging in secondary employment. If you should be laid off from a position, you have a period of 28 days to find a new employer and sponsor.


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