Australia offers six of the Best Jobs in the World

Australia’s tourist industry needs an occasional shot in the arm. Europeans are so strapped for cash that fresh generations of backpackers have to think twice about that gap year Down Under, especially as the Aussie dollar is prohibitively strong.

The tourism agency has relaunched a campaign to highlight some of the colourful jobs on offer, mindful of the huge coverage they got in 2009 when Briton Ben Southall landed the "World’s Best Job" as caretaker on an idyllic island on the Great Barrier Reef.

Four years later, the Australians have highlighted six jobs set to seduce applicants from around the world. Each comes with a six-month salary package worth 100,000 Australian dollars (pretty generous, at current exchange rates). The jobs are open to candidates eligible for Australian working holiday visas fron nations including Britain, the United States, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Applicants have until April 10 to submit a 30-second video explaining their credentials, you can apply at this link: https://bestjobs.australia.com/.

Some of the "jobs" seem to have been artificially created, including the post of "chief funster" in Sydney, attending and reviewing festivals and events and tweeting comments, and "taste master", touring Western Australia’s top restaurants, wineries, breweries and pubs. A park ranger job in Queensland, and outback adventurer post in the Northern Territory seem more authentic opportunities.

Tourism Australia’s Andrew McEvoy said the campaign was an attempt to highlight the need to recruit suitable candidates for seasonal jobs in tourism: "The competition provides an excellent platform to entice more young people from around the world to come to Australia to holiday," he said, "but also to work, helping to fill many unfilled tourism jobs across Australia."

Some locals were unimpressed. "I'm pretty sure most Australians would be against this publicity stunt," one comment on the Facebook page argued. "I would love this job, just like any other Australian. How about giving those jobs to Australians first?"

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