Working in Australia: Lineman Jobs

Trained electricians and linesmen who are willing to travel may wish to consider looking into employment opportunities in Australia. While many immigrants are turning towards this country for jobs, there is a specific demand for tradesmen in the construction industry and mining. In fact in Australia, a lineman can choose between jobs both underground and above ground, and from a number of work schedules.

One of the main sources of employment for linesmen in Australia at the moment is the mining industry. While mining is generally viewed by the general public as being an underground activity, open cut mining is also an important sector in this industry. Linesmen and electricians are required to work in both open cut and subterranean mines, and good wages and working conditions are offered.

As Australia is such a vast country, many mines are situated in remote and inaccessible locations. Therefore a number of mining companies operate a 7 days on, 7 days off work schedule, where employees are transported to and from the mine once a week. Generally staff are flown in at the beginning of their 7 day work week, and then flown back to the nearest urban centre for a 7 day rest period. Work schedules of this kind usually include daily twelve hour shifts. Accommodation and meals can be provided on site, and linesmen can expect to earn approximately $40 AUD per hour.

If you are interested in working in Australia as a lineman, jobs and further information can be found at indeed.com.au/Linesman-jobs-in-Australia.


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