How to go about getting Australia jobs for Brits

On average, 25,000 British Citizens emigrate to Australia each year in search of a better life in sunnier climbs and also to help fill a massive and growing labour shortage. Clearly is all these people are moving, there must be Australia jobs for Brits right?

The good news is that, yes, there are plenty of jobs for British emigrants, in fact, Australia are seeking 100,000 people in its skilled migrant scheme, including accountants, engineers, health professionals and trades people. There are vacancies in skilled jobs in more than 90 different occupations.

Brits looking to move to Australia can start off with their one year working holiday programme to get a feel for the country. After this, you have a couple of options to extend your stay, with both offering a more permanent working visa.

First of all, there is the employer sponsored visa, details of which you can find here - http://www.workpermit.com/australia/skilled/employer_sponsored.htm. To get this visa, your employer will need to prove they can't find an Australian to fill in for your job. this type of visa is also available for an Australian family member to sponsor you to stay on in the country, so if you have any Australian relations, it might be worth checking in with them!

The other option is the General Skilled Migration visa, the details of which are available here - http://www.workpermit.com/australia/general-skilled-migration.htm. this is for people without a job offer or current employment in Australia at the moment.

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