Using an Australia job agency to find work

There are two different ways that job seekers can use an Australia job agency in their search. One is to look for work on a job listing website and contact the agency responsible for a particular listing. The other is to contact the agency directly and tell them that the job seeker is looking for work.

Those who want to search for jobs on a job listing website should go to the site Seek.com.au. Seek is the most popular job search website in Australia and a vast majority of the jobs listed on the site are listed by recruitment agencies. Applicants can contact the agency by phone or e-mail. If they are not suitable for the position they applied for the agency may be able to find another vacancy for the job seeker.

When job seekers decide to contact an agency directly, they will need to decide which agencies are best suited to their needs. People who are immigrating to Australia from the UK may want to use an agency that also operates in the UK. For example Hays, Adecco, Hudson and Kelly Services operate in a few different countries. Some of these companies can even set up job interviews for the applicant before they even enter Australia.

Lastly immigrants should consider taking up temporary work while they are looking for a permanent job. This will improve their cash flow and give them some work experience in an Australian company. Recruitment agencies that have great temporary work departments include Drake, Adecco and Hudson.

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