Assistant vacancies in building construction

Assistant vacancies

Here are the most popular assistant vacancies in the industry of building construction:

  • Assistant engineer
  • Assistant quantity surveyor

In both cases, you will be based mostly in the office.

Assistant engineer

What educational qualification do I need?

You can get started as an assistant engineer after completion of your Diploma in Engineering. This programme takes three years to complete inclusive of the first year in foundation studies, if you enter after completion of your fifth form.

If you enter this programme with a sixth form qualification, the first year in foundation studies are exempted and you complete the diploma programme in two years only.

If you have a basic certification in engineering (which takes 2 years to complete), you can obtain the diploma in 1 year only.

What do I do?

You assist the Engineer in record keeping, construction site inspection, following up with the authorities, compilation of monthly site progress reports and so on.

Assistant quantity surveyor

What educational qualification do I need?

Enrol for the BTEC (British Technology Education Council) HND (Higher National Diploma) in Quantity Surveying and complete it in three years.

It is quite possible to get started right after completion of the fifth form, if you don't mind starting at the lowest pay rung.

What do I do?

You assist the QS in basic tasks such as taking off (measurement of building quantities from construction drawings), processing of own company's claims for submission to the Client or Architect, processing of various subcontractors' claims and so on.

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